Book Review: Post-Grant Proceedings Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

When you pick up a treatise and get a lot of useful information from it, you have a valuable resource for your practice.  When it is also easy to read, you have a treasure.  Practicing Law Institute’s Post-Grant Proceedings Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board is full of well organized, and useful information in a format that is easy to read.  It covers post-grant proceedings from all of the important angles.  It doesn’t matter if your background is prosecution or litigation–this book is a great resource that anyone active in post-grant proceedings should have at the ready.

Post-Grant Proceedings was created by several well known and respected post-grant experts at Oblon Spivak, including Steve Kunin, Scott McKeown, and Greg Gardella.  It covers each stage of a Patent Office trial by chapter.  Each chapter is organized by chronological order of the stages of the post-grant proceeding.  That organization makes it easy for the reader to reference information based on the progress of a trial.  It provides both the mechanics and strategy at the various stages of an IPR, CBM, and PGR.

Post-Grant Proceedings also includes historical background about patent reform, the history of the Board, and the interference practice origins of Patent Office trials.  It also includes special chapters on appeals to the Federal Circuit and parallel litigation.

The treatise was updated in November of 2014, and the link to review it and order it can be found here.


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